Video & Animation

Bring your iGaming brands and products to life with the perfect tool for digital engagement

Marketing in motion

If you want to show the potential of a new iGaming platform or a stunning new online slot, nothing is more effective than video content. Online gaming is all about strong visuals and engaging user experience, and video is the perfect match.

Creating compelling video content takes a whole host of skills, from storyboarding and copywriting to design, animation, motion graphics and audio. Bringing those skills in-house isn’t viable, if you only need video assets a few times during the year. That’s why even the most established global gaming firms call for Chips.

How video gets results

We produce video content for any iGaming occasion, from the launch of new games and product features, to corporate rebrands. Our iGaming video content gives sales teams something exciting to share with potentially partners.

It brings gaming conference stands to life, makes waves on social media, teases upcoming releases on LinkedIn, and even explains company cultures to new hires.

From simple animated explainers to bespoke animation, live action and location filming, our videos are proven to be highly effective across online and offline channels. What’s more, they can be repurposed easily for multiple uses, driving ROI even higher.

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