“History tells us that slowdowns are when winners get ahead”

“History tells us that slowdowns are when winners get ahead”

As we work through another period of financial turbulence, where consumers are tightening their belts and businesses are under pressure, how do SMEs and startups find ways to grow that don’t require major cost cutting or risky investment?

One good example is your website. Whatever business you’re in, it can be a powerful, efficient tool to build your commercial advantage.

You don’t always need to pay an agency to turn your website into a lead or revenue-generating machine. Sometimes it only takes a bit of focus on the basics, some time and a little imagination. Start by asking questions like:

💡 Does our brand shine through?
💡 Are we giving visitors a good experience?
💡 Are the user journeys clear?
💡 Is our content compelling?
💡 Are we using every free channel we have to promote it?

Even though winter is here, there will probably still be some low hanging fruit on your tree.

If you’re concerned about what the coming year means for your business and would like to know how to get the website fundamentals right, get in touch. I’m happy to have a chat and give you some advice.