What does your brand smell like?

What does your brand smell like?

If you make bread , coffee ☕, perfume or even petrol ⛽, your brand and business would quickly be linked with certain, distinctive aromas. But for the iGaming community its obviously not so clear-cut.

Yes, there are many apocryphal tales of land-based casinos pumping the scent of freshly baked cookies into the building to make people feel at home. Or even wafting an aroma of “success” through the air-con to encourage people to stay longer.

Head online though, and you’d currently have to send out scratch-n-sniff scratch cards for people to play along with, or add a little je ne sais quoi to the inside of a VR headset to give someone the full sensory experience.

The sense of smell is a powerful and often underestimated tool for brands, playing a vital role in creating lasting impressions and forging emotional connections with customers. But, even if there’s little chance of anyone ever smelling what your business does, imagining what it would smell like if they could, is one way of helping you in your all-important quest for distinction.

Pleasant smells evoke positive emotions, trigger memories, and enhance a customer’s experience, and even though your online casino lobby doesn’t have carpet, curtains and upholstery, would you opt for calming lavender and eucalyptus to create a serene and relaxing ambiance if it did? Or maybe sophisticated notes like leather, vanilla, and subtle florals for a more high-end gaming experience? Or something more energetic and invigorating, perhaps with hints of citrus or mint.

Workshop exercises focused on unlocking an iGaming brand’s DNA don’t frequently include questions about smell , but it’s equally as valid as comparing yourself to a literary style, building, band or any of the other abstract, but revealing tropes that are more commonly used.

And, if no one else is doing it yet, why not give yourself the olfactory advantage.