Is not having a mobile-friendly website hurting your business?

I am still amazed that 8 years after mobile web browsing overtook desktop, so many businesses have websites that are ‘mediocre or worse’ on mobile devices.

Bad mobile user experience comes in many flavours, including design that’s not responsive, text that’s too small, images not optimised for mobile, and search functions and forms that are clumsy to use.

If you aren’t delivering a slick mobile experience, here are some of these things can happen:

⚠️       1st time visitor exits in seconds, you’ve lost a lead you could have converted
⚠️       Customer abandons their shopping basket and switches to a rival
⚠️       Poor experience damages your brand
⚠️       Less traffic due to poor SEO performance, as it’s now a Google ranking factor

To figure out how badly a mobile-unfriendly site is hurting you and how to solve it, start with the scale of the problem. What share of my customers visit my website on mobile? Your web analytics will tell you that.

Then, understand what their user experience is like. You can try it yourself, ask your customers for feedback or use Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Once you know the problem and how bad its hurting your business, you’ve got the bones of what you need to ask for help. And for me, nothing beats a friendly chat about mobile-unfriendly sites and budget-friendly solutions!