Someday. That’s a dangerous word.

As well as Mr Cruise, this quote’s been attributed to Neil Patel, to Miles Anthony Smith, MBA, and I’m sure many others.

It always comes to mind during website projects I encounter where no timelines were used. It’s no coincidence that they had all taken longer than necessary and any early momentum and enthusiasm had been lost.

There are so many moving parts to a web project, and often so many stakeholders, that unless you have someone willing to set deadlines and drive the project forward, you’ll drift.

So what? If you’re not in a rush, it may seem like there’s no cost. The real cost is missed opportunity. As you tread water, someone else is getting ahead.

Whether it’s defining your requirements, iterating your logo or getting content drafted, getting some dates on it is a must. A just-missed deadline is still better than none at all.

If your web project has been on the drift for a while, it may just be that it’s not high on your list of priorities. But if you do want to move it along, drop me an email and I’ll show you how to revive it and bring the finishing line into view.