Ready to make a stand?

Now G2E and Sigma have been and gone for another year our thoughts turn to ICE, which is heading to London for the last time in a while.

And, whether you’re a gaming expo expert or just getting started, here’s a handy check list to ensure it goes as smoothly as it possibly can when 35,000 people descend on the ExCel next February…

1.     Set clear goals : “Sell more stuff to more people” will only get you so far, so define your reasons for attending the show and be very clear what message you want get across and ensure this is baked into all your comms.

2.     Swag : Giving away branded merchandise is a good way to attract visitors to the stand, especially if there’s an activity associated with getting the giveaway…but try to make it something people actually want/need. A tub of chocolates leftover from Christmas, won’t cut it.

3.     Live demos : Ensure you have space on the stand to show off your latest creations…whether you wear a branded polo shirt while you do it is completely optional.

4.     Network : Take time out from your stand from time to time to actively engage with attendees and other exhibitors…some may even have some leftover Christmas chocolates you can steal.

5.     Social media : Get your key message made into a short, animated film or series of posts to help create a buzz before, during, and after the event. Everyone else is doing this though, so make sure your creative pops…like a champagne cork in The Fox.

6.     Promo materials : Make sure you have enough brochures, business cards (believe it or not, these are still a thing), and other marketing materials to hand out over the course of the three days.

7.     Collect leads : Use lead capture technology to gather attendee information and make sure you have a robust follow-up plan for immediately after the event.

8.     Be prepared : Make sure you can cope with minor emergencies by having a first aid and some basic tools on hand. It’s always a good idea to stock up on water and snacks too as the queues for refreshments can take a while at peak times.

9.     Rest : Accept you’re going to be on your feet for at least 3 days (and nights) and get as much rest as you can beforehand…and then take a day or two afterwards to recharge.

If you’re thirsty for more you can check out our website for more hints, tips and resources

And, if you’re not planning on having a stand, but are planning on attending, my top tip is…just go on the Thursday!