Nothing helps a startup break through quite like a powerful brand, especially if your product is still months or years away. A startup without a clear identity will have to work much harder to connect with its partners, investors and the outside world.

Established companies already have a brand, but a brand isn’t forever. It can age, just like us. In fast-moving markets, brands that once looked current can quickly feel like yesterday’s news. Sometimes a company pivots to a new model and needs a brand to match, and sometimes you just need to signal the start of a new era for the business.

At 438 Digital, we work with you to understand what’s beneath your brand, and collaboratively create something that you and your team are proud to stand behind.

Our experience, knowledge and creativity will help you decide who you are, why you do what you do, and what makes you special – and then build a brand that tells that story consistently, everywhere you go. Our fun, stimulating process has worked for hundreds of new and revitalised brands across the UK and worldwide, and now it’s your turn.

What we do


Logos, typography and imagery that connect consistently


Messaging and tone of voice that are more than just words


Positioning and values that define you in your market


Brand bibles and collateral that sing from the same hymn sheet

Brands we've helped create