The change

Ambition needed to develop a clear brand strategy to enrich their identity without discarding key features from their DNA, especially the core brand green! To assist in this process our team created captivating mood board ideas with concepts designed to differentiate Ambition from its competitors, giving their global teams and external partners a clear direction for future marketing assets.

Once approved, all components were consolidated into a comprehensive brand bible, encompassing both the UK and Group businesses. The brand bible showcased the brand’s essence, supported by examples of EDM headers and social media posts.

This was been a really fun project to work on that’s enabled us to bring together our shared goals, mission, values and vision from our leadership and marketing teams across the globe.

With purpose and passion, ethics and expertise, we are building better futures. And that, is our Ambition.

A special thank you to the fantastic Andy Brennan and super talented Ian Haydon from 438 for all your help with this project!

Sarah Lisneuf, Group Senior Marketing Manager, Ambition

Why it matters

The guidelines document now ensures all visual elements are produced and used consistently. They have provided clarity in brand representation, helped to streamline workflows and protected the key elements of the brand that needed to remain unchanged. The guidelines established a strong brand identity, helped to reinforced trust and, importantly, saved the various teams, time.

Why it matters

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pages created


assets supplied


international marketing teams