Are you disappointed with how your website performs, but can’t put your finger on why?

There are so many moving parts ⚙️ to a website that it can be tricky to get a quick picture of how it’s doing, let alone why and what the financial impact may be.

So here’s a quick quiz to help you turn problems into opportunities.

If you want to play along, you just need to consider the following questions in regard to your own website and tot up how many you can answer “yes” to.

Andy’s Website Quiz

1️⃣ Does it play nice on mobile devices?

2️⃣ Are the user journeys simple and clear?

3️⃣ Do pages load in less than 2 secs?

4️⃣ Does your site feel modern and on-brand?

5️⃣ Does it deliver strong search engine performance?

6️⃣ Does your content help to convert enough leads into customers?

7️⃣ Is your content easy to update?

8️⃣ Is your CMS easy to work with?

Depending on your answers, each one of these can either help to drive #growth or take up way too much of your most finite resource – time.

The results are in…

0-2 You need to act fast before things get even worse.

3-5 You’ve got potential but it could go either way.

6-8 You’re flying high but you still need to keep pushing.

The solutions to some of these issues are really quite quick, and can deliver immediate returns.

If 75% of your traffic comes via mobile but your website doesn’t work on a phone, that’s a whole chunk of potential customers you can serve better.

And if you’re using big image files or bulky code that’s slowing your pages down, there are quick fixes e.g. lazy loading, compressed images, code optimisation.

The chances are, there’s untapped potential in your website that you can unlock right now. If you don’t know how to answer one of these questions or what to do when you’ve unearthed an opportunity, drop me a DM and I’ll show you how.