Before you think about revolution, try evolution

“Amazon, in its entire history, has never completely redesigned its website”

That was Jonny Longden in a good piece for The Drum last month, talking about the need to understand why you may want to overhaul your website, and that with big change comes big risk.

According to the Harvard Business Review, as much as half of major projects fail, often because they weren’t focused on outcomes. It’s tempting to go big on a website revamp and do it all at once. At this point I’d normally list the dangers of a “let’s change everything!” website project, but as it’s the season of goodwill, let’s flip it and look at the good stuff that can happen when you opt for baby steps instead:

🎄 Minimal risk to your traffic and conversion rates
🎄 Smaller scope makes it more cost effective
🎄 It’s easier to get stakeholder buy-in
🎄 It’s easier to brief, plan and execute
🎄 Shorter projects keep your workforce morale high

As a digital agency, we’re hardly going to turn down the prospect of a big-budget website redesign, but we also really like delivering positive impact, quickly, for someone who’s then likely to work with us again. That’s why if you’re considering a major revamp, we help you answer questions like:

❓Why are we doing it?
❓Do we know what’s not working?
❓Have we asked our users?
❓What outcome do we want?
❓How do we think we’ll achieve it?
❓Is there a quick way to test our theory?
❓Do we need to do it all at once?

If after that you still want a complete overhaul…. we’re at your service!

But as the saying goes, before you think about revolution, try evolution.