Give your website an MOT

Do you treat your website like I treat my car? If it runs OK, I assume everything’s fine (until it’s not).

But unlike a car, a website should make you money, not cost you money. There’s never a good time to stop and take a look under the hood, but any leak you spot now could save you more down the road.

If you’ve got an hour spare tonight, here’s a quick DIY MOT you can follow to check how your website’s doing right now.

The MOT test

✅ The 4 Second Rule: Can you tell who you are, what you do and why in 4 seconds?

✅ The Logo Test: If you removed your logo, are you still recognisable? Does your brand shine through?

✅ The Content Check-up: Get some fresh eyes on your most read pages. Is it clear, simple and easy to understand? Is it Google-friendly?

✅ Your Calls To Action: Do your buttons and links pop? Is the copy working hard for you? Do they take you to the right places?

✅ Check Your Signposts: Do the mystery shopper thing and go from search engine to website and onwards down the funnel. Is the path well signposted?

✅ How’s Your Hygiene: Broken links and missing page titles or descriptions hurt your ranking and your users. Take a short cut with tools like ahref’s Broken Link Checker.

✅ The Right Domain Name: Is your web address the best it can be? It should be as short as possible, and easy to type, say and remember.

✅ Love Your Data: If you don’t know who visits your websites and which pages are visited most, you’re flying blind. It’s time to make friends with your web stats.

If your website passes this test then well done, you’ve met the minimum standards for webworthiness and are safe to travel!

And if you picked up any fails or advisory notes, at least you have a to-do list of defects you can work on, or use as the basis for an agency brief.

Don’t wait until it’s broke. Get the bonnet up today.

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Please note – my wife and I were played by actors in the accompanying photo and I would like to make it clear I do not own any snow-wash jeans.