Happy Birthday, WordPress

Why is WordPress still thriving on its 🎂 20th birthday 🎂 ? And why should brands care what platform we use to deliver their website?

WordPress has never faced so much quality competition, and even though it has lost market share to other platforms, it is still used by over 40% of all websites globally. That kind of dominance and longevity is like hen’s teeth in the digital space.

I am still amazed that a tool used by solopreneurs with minimal web experience can also give a digital agency like us the scale and flexibility to deliver for our clients.

We believe in the power of WordPress so we built a platform on top of it called CMX, a proprietary tool that allows us to create extremely high quality, bespoke web solutions without the intensive development time and cost.

Delivering digital solutions for companies like Mercia and The Magic Circle Headquarters requires speed, efficiency, and creative agility. WordPress fundamentally understands these concepts. So happy birthday, and here’s to another 20 years. 👏