Have websites had their time?

Have websites had their time? Are they becoming irrelevant?

The trusty website has been around for 30 years, and it feels like some businesses and marketers have moved on.

There’s no doubt places likes of Instagram, Tik Tok and the metaverse are where the action is right now. So why invest in your website?

Let’s not forget these 2 truths:

👀 Most future customers / clients / partners / staff will visit your website first.

☢ Most who have a unsatisfactory experience won’t come back. They might tell other people too.

I’m always banging on about the commercial advantage a website can deliver. These aren’t the only upsides (and some may not apply to you) but they’re my favourites:

✅ Show regulators you’re professional
✅ Tell a potential partner you’re credible
✅ Help a new customer find you in the crowd
✅ Help that customer go from spying to buying
✅ Establish a baseline of trust with your audiences
✅ Pique an investor’s interest so they take the pitch
✅ Persuade that rising industry star to apply for a role
✅ Find out which content is landing and which is bombing
✅ Tell your company story in a way you can’t in 280 characters
✅ Front-load your customer support so it doesn’t cost you later on

How many of those would help move your business forward? And how many can be achieved by social or other channels alone?

To those who say we’re in a post-website era, I say they’re still an irreplaceable piece of the puzzle. And nothing loses business better than a bad website.

How’s yours doing?