How do you build commercial advantage online?

Does your website merely exist? 


Does it genuinely help your business to thrive? 

A while back I was asked by the lovely people at Mercia Asset Management PLC to present a webinar on the Keys to Building a Commercial Advantage online. If you have 49 minutes to spare , I recommend having a watch:

Watch video on the Mercia website

But if you’re pressed for time ⌛️, I’ve boiled the key points down to the following:

Andy’s 5 best tactics to drive your website strategy if you want to build a commercial advantage online

1️⃣ Get the basics right – You won’t perform if your site’s slower than dial-up or if it’s littered with bugs, typos and errors. If it’s been a while since you had a proper look around, then set aside an hour this week, click on as many pages as you can and note down anything that you don’t like. And if you can, ask a member of your team, or someone you trust to do the same exercise.

2️⃣Assemble an A-team – Find the project managers, designers, developers, copywriters or agencies who care enough to help you fix anything that needs fixing and who aren’t afraid to step forward with new ideas too.

3️⃣ Shine a light on your brand – If your brand doesn’t shine through, you’re toast. So, once you’ve established your ‘why’, really think about what makes you unique and then make sure you show (rather than tell) your visitors what you’re made of and why they should stick around to find out more.

4️⃣ Be consistent – Your website and marketing should play the same tune. Lay out the ‘golden threads’ that lead potential customers from wherever they first meet you to your website and ensure they’re greeted with the same messages. And make sure you embody your brand guidelines while you’re at it.

5️⃣ Don’t stagnate – The longer you leave the pond, the harder it is to clean. However, the good news is, even if you passionately despise everything about your website, there are many quick, yet sizeable wins you can deploy rapidly without needing a huge team or budget.

That’s my “quick start” advice for clients who aren’t getting the results they want from their site.

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