How do you measure success?

If you generate sales through your website, measuring its effectiveness is pretty easy. For all the other businesses, it’s guesswork, right?

Measuring the effectiveness of your website takes time and a combination of methods. But without it, you’re leaving your rod in the water with no idea if there’s bait on the hook.

Depending on your business goals and the role your website plays in your strategy, there are 3 categories of measurement that will tell you if your website is supporting or limiting your growth:

📈 Quantitative metrics: The quickest and easiest to way to measure performance. Sales and conversion data are king, but metrics like sessions, time spent on page and page speed plus SEO audits can reveal opportunities to improve.

🗨 Qualitative comment: Ask your customers to give feedback on their experience. Further down the rabbit hole, there’s heat maps, recording and testing to help you understand user behaviour.

🧙‍♂️ Expert analysis: Seek the opinions of partners, industry peers, copywriting, design and UX specialists, and agencies.

In my experience, these routes always unearth valuable opportunities. That’s why I believe websites are still such undervalued assets.

If you’re looking to unearth some hidden value from your business, start with your website. There is bound to be a problem you can resolve, or a power play you haven’t yet tried.

The process of finding those untapped reservoirs of growth and then getting websites where they need to be is what 438 Digital does best. If you’d like to know what we’d do with yours or just get some expert opinion, get in touch.