How to write a great brief for your website project

This is a scary number 😱 33% of marketing budgets are wasted due to poor briefs and misdirected work. That’s what the BetterBriefs Project discovered last year.

When you start a website project without a clear vision and goals, that’s how you burn through time, money, or patience (or all of the above). And yet it’s preventable with a good brief and a good briefing process.

The elements you see in my list are just some of the basics any agency would want to know. But a brief is much more than a set of instructions to help us create a proposal or begin the work.

They can:

✔ Stimulate internal debate before you’ve spent any money

✔ Get stakeholders aligned on the challenges and objectives

✔ Help create a product that actually does what you hoped it would

Once you have the bones of your brief, then comes the briefing. That’s where we as an agency have to challenge the brief, have open and honest conversations, and ask the difficult questions.

With a good brief and communication between client and agency, no budgets get blown. No faces get palmed. No mice get broken.

If you’ve got a brief that’s scrambling your brain, drop me a DM and I’ll give you a hand.