Locked out of your own website?

“I couldn’t find a way to change the webpage” should never be a reason why your website wasn’t updated. But even today, it often is.

Not every company has someone who is comfortable with WordPress, but even if they do, HTML, javascript, style sheets and 12 column grids are not for everyone.

But what all businesses need today is the ability to move fast.

That’s why we built CMX, a custom layer within WordPress that means our clients don’t need to become DIY web developers or worry about jargon.

Anyone who needs to can now enter text, upload images and choose where it should all go, in plain English, with no code or theme editors required. It’s just there, and all created in your brand image.

Marketers, product managers, interns or CEOs – whoever you are, you get control over your website. No learning curve. No need to raise a ticket.

That’s the real power of CMX.

If that kind of freedom and flexibility sounds good, drop me a line.